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Mission and Service Trip

Contact the church office, info@SALChome.org or 425-746-2529 for more information.

God Squad (grades 9-12) goes on one amazing mission trip each summer. These mission trips have four points of focus:

  • Explore a different culture
  • Experience new styles of worship
  • Serve God's people
  • Learn about how the way we live impacts those we serve
With these points in mind, we have traveled as far as Guatemala and as nearby as Seattle.

Summer 2019

Trip dates:  July 28 - August 3, 2019
to Baja, Mexico
Seven youth and six adults are going on our 2019 summer trip to Baja, Mexico to partner with Lantern Hill for a cross cultural exchange and service trip.   
Meetings and Events
Mexico with Meaning
Throughout the month of March, the congregation will have the opportunity to invest in our youth and adults traveling to Baja, Mexico this summer.
In worship and in other publications, you’ll hear the “why” of our trip- the reason each individual person had decided to live out their faith in this way.
And then you’ll have an opportunity to respond by donating to a specific item needed for our trip on the bulletin board.
Be on the lookout for team members in their Mexico with Meaning T-shirts.
The donation levels are: 
  • 13 flights at $350– Each donation buys an entire round trip flight for a traveling team member
  • 20 supplies at $20– Each donation goes directly to buying educational/recreation supplies and equipment for the youth education program at Lantern Hill
  • 10 meals for students at $50– Each donation will help feed the local participating children as part of the summer program at Lantern Hill
  • 13 food packages at $100– Each donation will feed one team member for our entire trip
  • 7 youth funds at $500– Each donation will fund one of our youth’s entire Mexico mission experience
To donate, simply take an envelope from the bulletin board, write a check with that amount, seal the envelope and put it in the offering plate. Consider sharing donations of large amounts with several donors.  Alternately, ANY AMOUNT is welcome; note "Mexico Mission Team" on the donation and place it in the offering plate.

Summer 2018

Our 2018 summer trip was to learn from and to serve with the Blackfeet Nation (with YouthWorks) in Montana. The Mission Team served by helping YouthWorks facilitate a Kids Club program, and helping to prepare for a Blackfeet Nation ceremony. Throughout the week, the Team built relationships with community members and learned about the Blackfeet Nation, its culture, heritage and story. Trip dates were July 21-28, 2018


Summer 2017

Image-GodSquad--20170717_135414-Chicago July 16-21, 2017: We were in Chicago and worked with Center for Student Missions (CSM), the organization that we partnered with on our San Francisco and Toronto trips. (To learn more about CSM, watch an introductory video at https://vimeo.com/107150526. What Image-GodSquad--20170718_150435-1-Chicagodid participants do on this trip? Our mission team had been preparing their hearts for service in the city since January. The team worked together to create a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program and led VBS for a group of children living at the Cornerstone Community Outreach Center, a shelter that provides services for mothers and their children, and entire families. They also had opportunities to serve and learn more about the city in a variety of ways.

Summer 2016

Image-GodSquad--2016-GodSquadMission-Emily18Five youth and three adults were the Summer 2016 Mission Trip Team! Image-GodSquad--2016-GodSquadMission-Nona10We embarked on a ‘mystery’ tour of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) June 24 - July 1. Our trip included service learning, adventure, and tater-tot pizza!      


Summer 2015

Image-GodSquad--2015-0715_194059-Detroit July 15-19, 2015: We attended the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) National Youth Gathering in Detroit, Michigan with 30,000 of our peers for a week spent on learning, serving, and worship! Read their blog: http://riseupsaintandrews.blogspot.com See photos on Instagram: https://instagram.com/salcyouth Hear the sermon given by Joslyn and Lauren on August 23. Image-GodSquad--2015-0717_143945(0)-Detroit

Summer 2014

Image-GodSquad--2014-06-22--SanFranciscoWe served in San Francisco with Center for Student Missions (CSM) June 21-29, 2014. Image-GodSquad--2014-06-22--SanFrancisco2This was an urban focused mission trip, and we began to understand the issues of homelessness and poverty that are so prevalent in urban areas throughout the country, including our own. Read more... about CSM's mission work in San Francisco.    

Summer 2013

Image-GodSquad--2013-July-IdahoWe served in northern Idaho July 21-26, 2013. Our service was coordinated through Camp LutherHaven.        

Summer 2012

Image-GodSquad--2012-NewOrleans-ELCAYouthGatheringWe returned to New Orleans, Louisiana, for the 2012 ELCA National Youth Gathering July 17-2, 2012! We worshiped, served, and played with 35,000 Lutheran youth from around the country. Read about our trip on our blog.    

Summer 2011

Image-GodSquad--2011-Toronto-402Toronto, Canada! From July 24 through July 31, fourteen youth and four adults were in one of the most multicultural cities in North America for an urban mission and service trip with Center for Student Missions (CSM). Image-GodSquad--2011-Toronto-010 Image-GodSquad--2011-Toronto-342They served meals to the homeless at drop-in shelters in the city, and learned what the homeless experience as they live on the streets. Read their trip blog: http://www.godsquadtoronto.blogspot.com/    

Summer 2010

Image-GodSquad--2010-Lummi-1Twenty-two youth and five adults served the Lummi Tribe of Native Americans near Bellingham on a trip organized through Camp Lutherwood. We spent the week doing yard work, painting, and cleaning up a Lummi Long House; and were treated to dinner and Lummi cultural dancing. Image-GodSquad--2010-Lummi-2We also got to test our skills on a high-ropes course and have some fun tubing on Lake Samish.   


Summer 2009

Image-GodSquad--2009-July-Emma-Sophia-NewOrleansIn 2009, we attended the ELCA National Youth Gathering in New Orleans. The theme for the gathering was Jesus, Justice, Jazz. The week focused on service to the city of New Orleans and included awesome worship experiences and powerful speakers. God led us to serve and to deepen our faith. We plan to return to New Orleans for the ELCA National Youth Gathering in 2012!    

Summer 2008

Image-GodSquad--2008-July-Max-WestVirginiaIn the summer of 2008, we embarked on a Road Rules adventure, Southern Style. Image-GodSquad--2008-July-Becky-WestVirginiaThis trip led us to Delbarton, West Virginia for a week of service with YouthWorks. We built relationships with people of all ages in this small coal-mining town through painting, construction, and running kids' activities. From Delbarton, we ventured to Asheville, North Carolina for a night of fun and rest in a real bed. We then headed to Charleston, South Carolina, where we learned about southern life in the times of slavery, and were blessed to experience gracious southern hospitality.    

Summer 2007

Image-GodSquad--2007-Guatemala-service3In 2007, we broadened our horizons by heading to Guatemala with Partners in Service. While in Guatemala, our youth built stoves for families and planted trees to help fight the deforestation in the region. Building stoves may seem like an unusual form of service, but Guatemalans in rural areas usually cook indoors over an open fire. This can cause a lifetime of lung problems, especially for children. The stoves we built helped to pipe the fire out of the house while maintaining traditional cooking techniques.

Summer 2006

2006 was the original Road Rules adventure. We embarked on a wild trip to some of the largest cities in the Midwest. Here is a sampling of what we did: Cleveland: Image-GodSquad--2006-Brian+RoadRulesWe served, slept and worshipped at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lakewood, Ohio. Experienced the West Side Market, a Cleveland Landmark, took in the joys of public transportation, visited the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. All awesomeness. Image-GodSquad--2006-Kevin-RoadRulesImage-GodSquad--2006-Brad-RoadRulesIn Chicago we began with a socio-economic walking tour of the South Side with Dr. Richard Perry from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. We also visited the Cabrini Green Neighborhood Association, experienced true sports fans at a White Sox v. Yankees game, ate Chicago style pizza, and volunteered at a senior center in the suburbs. While staying at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, we took an environmental tour of the neighborhood, which has a number of Superfund sites played with the kids at the church for their summer program and went door-to-door to get neighbors involved in the church's block party. We also experienced an amazing prayer service and Redeemer's monthly hip-hop worship, JUMP.

Summer 2005

In 2005, we attended the Western States Youth Gathering in Seattle, where we had the opportunity to meet youth from Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, California, and Washington, hear amazing keynote speakers and celebrate God with the music of Agape and Rachel Kurtz.