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Current Events and Projects


Events and Projects
Items for Plaster House in Tanzania
SOUPer Bowl of Caring February 4, 2018 
Bihar, India 2017-2020
Deliver Meals for Chicken Soup Brigade ongoing - need for drivers!
Eastside Baby Corner  
Scholarships for MGLSS Students ongoing
Box Tops for Education for
Navajo Lutheran Mission School
School Supplies for Local Students July - August 2018
Mayors' Day of Concern for the Hungry Fall 2018
Provide Dinners for Congregations for the Homeless October 2018
Socks and Knit Hats Drive November-December 2018
Love Tree Advent 2018
Uniforms for MGLSS Students Advent 2018
Volunteer for The Sophia Way ongoing
Imagine Housing ~ Community Meals
~ Substitute Driver to deliver childcare items
Ongoing Outreach  
Corner of Blessing Food  
Lutheran World Relief  
Personal Care Kit Supplies  
Devotional Booklets/Pamphlets  
Sewing Kit Supplies  
Compass Housing Alliance Supplies  
KnitWits (Knitting as Witnesses)   
Congregations for the Homeless  
The Sophia Way  
Donations of Cell Phones  
Collection for Domestic Disaster Relief  


Items for Plaster House in Tanzania 
Thank you for all your donations!
The Plaster House,a part of the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre in Tanzania, is a rehabilitation center for post-surgery children, usually in casts (hence the term “Plaster House”). For reasons of health and nutrition, many children cannot rehab successfully in their villages/homes while in casts. They need to stay at the center; the average stay being four weeks, the cost per student is only $4 per day.
To learn more about the Plaster House, visit www.theplasterhouse.org and learn why those kids have a hold on our hearts.
Jean Wahlstrom now serves on the International Advisory Board for the Plaster House.
In February 2018 the Plaster House is having their first face-to-face board meeting in Arusha, Tanzania, and also celebrating the opening of the new dormitory and volunteer house. (Many Saint Andrew’s members helped to fund those buildings in October 2016.) Marvin Kananen and Jean Wahlstrom will travel to Tanzania for this board meeting. 
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SOUPer Bowl of Caring

Saint Andrew’s is participating in a national effort to help those who are hungry. It is called “SOUPer Bowl of Caring” and is held in connection with the Super Bowl. 
On February 4 – Super Bowl Sunday - we will have a special collection of food to address hunger in our neighborhoods. Hunger is everywhere in our community, from the suburbs on the Eastside to South King County to the streets of Downtown Seattle. It affects everyone: working families, the elderly, young adults–even children. One in five households in Washington State doesn’t have enough money to feed their families. 
Before and after worship services on February 4, members of our church will be in the Narthex collecting food and donations for this effort.
Everything collected will go to Hopelink Food Bank in Bellevue. All money donated will be used by Hopelink to buy the food items required to provide needed nutrition to those who are hungry right in our neighborhoods.  
Here are Hopelink's most-needed items :
• Canned Fruit (~ 15 ounce, preferably NOT in heavy syrup)
• Cold Cereal (any variety)
• Canned Soup (It IS the SOUPer Bowl!)
• Baby Food
• Peanut Butter (especially crunchy ~ 16 oz.)
• Canned Tuna
• Pasta: including Spaghetti, Penne, Macaroni, etc.
• Canned Vegetables: Corn, Peas, Carrots
• Canned Meat: Chicken, SPAM. Vienna Sausage
• Canned Meals: Chili, Beef Stew, Ravioli
• Canned Tomatoes: Diced, Stewed, Whole
• Rice (white or brown)
• Dried Beans: Kidney, Navy, Pinto
• Macaroni & Cheese
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Bihar, India
Current News and Events:
Our Outreach and Servant Ministries Committee has established a Project Bihar/LWR Working Group and continues to build team to serve and share the privilege of guiding this adventure. The Working Group has defined three major components in our mission, communication, engagement and giving.  We welcome your voice of sharing as you feel led to serve. Contact Marlyn Thorpe for further information and to join the team.
December 2017: Bookmarks. The Working Group has created Project Bihar Prayer Bookmarks to communicate and engage congregants about seven of the Project Bihar families.
These Project Bihar Prayer bookmarks are in your hymnals. You are free to use them in the hymnals or you can take them home and pray for the highlighted family and their community. The bookmarks can be used as an educational tool about different cultures and lifestyles. Use these to facilitate discussions on how families are the same and/or different.
If you take a bookmark home, put it in a place where you will be reminded of the family to pray for them.
During prayer at church as you use the bookmark in the hymnal include them in your silent prayers.
Thank you for praying and blessing each of these Bihar, India families. 
December 2017: Saint Andrew’s members Marshall, Asha, and family are traveling to the Mohulpahari district in JHARKHAND, southeast of BIHAR, in India. They are connecting with family and friends, village leaders and district officials, and building relationships in the hopes of beginning development projects. 
Pray for their health and safety, joyful reunions with family and friends, and the Holy Spirit to lead them as they research possibilities and continue to seek God’s best for this underserved area of India. They invite you to follow their adventure through their blog: http://arisevillages.com/blog/ 
Saint Andrew's is committed to a multi-year mission partnership with Lutheran World Relief in Bihar, India. This is a global mission outreach which will engage us in a significant outreach in Northeastern India. We will be involved boldly over many years in a sponsored mission through Lutheran World Relief (LWR). Our collaboration will be in partnership with nine congregations throughout the United States. The two closest to us are The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Olympia and Trinity Lutheran Church in Freeland (Whidbey Island.) 
Nicole Hark, Deputy Regional Director in India for LWR, will be providing leadership and support services through Inter-Village Rallies, and will continue to share news of Bihar projects, including names and plans of the congregations who will be joining as ONE in serving in Christ’s name. 
The best source of updated information is at
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Deliver Meals for Chicken Soup Brigade
Need for Drivers!
Saint Andrew’s is a distribution hub for weekly deliveries of meals for Chicken Soup Brigade (Lifelong). Meals and groceries are picked up at Saint Andrew’s on Thursdays and delivered to homebound chronically ill individuals on the Eastside. The delivery window is 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Thursday afternoons with around 2 to 4 stops.It is a wonderful service that provides needed nourishment to those who may be housebound and ill. 
Additional volunteers are needed.
Choose to be a driver in the regular rotation or be a substitute driver and cover weeks where regular volunteers are on vacation. You will need to attend an orientation. If you are interested in serving in this way, contact Outreach and Servant Ministries committee chair Marlyn Thorpe through the church office.
We have a rotating team of drivers here at Saint Andrew’s, and we would love to add volunteers! 
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Eastside Baby Corner
Eastside Baby Corner (EBC) envisions a world where all children are healthy, safe and prepared to build their own futures. EBC does this by meeting basic needs of children, serving as a diaper bank, a clothing bank, and a food source for more than 800 kids each week.
Saint Andrew’s currently supports Eastside Baby Corner with budgeted funds and gifts through the Love Tree.
EBC’s most pressing needs are for new or gently-used jeans, size 5-8, and hats of any kind.  
To learn more about EBC, visit www.babycorner.org
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Scholarships for MGLSS Students
Operation Bootstrap Africa (OBA) is seeking sponsors for students. at the MaaSAE Girls Lutheran Secondary School (MGLSS) in Tanzania.
We rejoice at the continued scholarship support of 18 students currently being funded by individual members and groups of Saint Andrew’s at MaaSAE Girls Lutheran Secondary School (MGLSS) and university. 
Both our Men's and Women's groups support students. To donate to the funds for either student, mark a contribution "Saint Andrew's [Men's Group] or [Women's Group], MGLSS Sponsorship" and place in the offering plate or return it to church.
Funding is an ongoing need for MGLSS students and for MGLSS graduates who are pursuing university degrees.
Full sponsorship amounts are:
~ Students in Forms 1-4 -- $1000
~ Students in Forms 5-6 -- $1200
~ University study -- $2,500
~ Nursing School students -- $1,000
~ Teacher Training -- $1,200
All donations are welcome! Saint Andrew's will combine donations until a half- or full-sponsorship level is reached, and then forward the funds to Operation Bootstrap Africa. Checks can be made payable to "Saint Andrew's" (with "MaaSAE Scholarship" in the memo line) and returned to the church via the offering plate or to the office.
Donations may also be made directly to Operation Bootstrap Africa (OBA).
To learn more about these amazing young women, watch this video from MGLSS and OBA.

For more information, visit the Operation Bootstrap Africa (OBA) website or contact Saint Andrew's.
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Box Tops for Education
Last December Jean Wahlstrom and Marvin Kananen volunteered for a month at the Navajo Lutheran Mission (NELM) in Rock Point, Arizona, an ELCA project.
The Mission School has asked if Saint Andrew’s would participate in an easy way to secure needed school supplies and equipment. Please cut out and bring those little box top coupons found on various food containers (General Mills products and others). Collect and put them in the envelope attached to the bulletin board in the Narthex, labeled BOX TOPS.
Louise O. has graciously offered to regularly send them on to the school. It may seem like too small an item to make a difference, but collectively, it really adds up to enable these children to get a better education!!
Thanks for your help!! To learn more, visit www.nelm.org/school or contact Jean Wahlstrom through the church office. 
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School Supplies for Local Students
Each summer, our Vacation Bible School (VBS) students and the congregation at large support the Congregations for Kids Good Start Back to School Drive.
School supplies are collected in July and August in the Narthex.
Thank you for continuing to support this drive so that needy children can begin school with some of tools needed to be successful. For more information, contact Carolyn Haralson through the church office.
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Mayors' Day of Concern for the Hungry
Thank you for supporting this effort in September 2017!  We collected 41 crates and 21 bags of food and $310 in donations. At Hopelink, we filled one huge crate to overflowing and another over half full. This will be a very big help for Hopelink.
Held on a Saturday in the Fall, the Mayors’ Day of Concern for the Hungry is the biggest food drive of the year for many of the organizations fighting hunger in our communities.
Saint Andrew’s volunteers collect food at a local grocery store as part of this day, and all food collected will go to Hopelink. 
All ages can participate and it is a wonderful family activity. Volunteering consists of handing out a “shopping list” flyer of the most needed food items and then thanking people for their donations. This is a fun event and it is inspiring to see the generosity of the people coming to do their grocery shopping. 
Contact Dick and Debbie Szabo for more information.
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Provide Meals for Congregations for the Homeless

Two weeks each October
Dinners are served at 7:15 pm
October beckons us to again share our comfort and concerns by walking with the Congregations for the Homeless men’s program, as our witness of God’s Love.
For two weeks in October, Saint Andrew’s Lutheran provides the dinner meals for 35 men hosted at a local church through the Congregations for the Homeless program. 
Volunteers cook and prepare the dinner meals, and then deliver and serve the meals. Meals should be delivered at 6:30 pm, and serving begins at 7:15 pm. Volunteers are welcome to join in the meals with the men. 
This is a wonderful outreach opportunity for individuals, small groups, families and friends.  . 
For more information or questions please contact Marlyn Thorpe.
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Socks and Knit Hats Drive
Each fall, Dorcas Circle sponsors a socks and knit hat drive to benefit Compass Housing Alliance.
In November and December, drop donations in the "Sox Box" in the Narthex.
Socks and hats can also be placed in the "Dorcas Circle" box near the elevator in the church Narthex, and are welcome all year.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Willenberg through the church office.
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 Love Tree
During each Advent season, we at Saint Andrew's have the special opportunity to brighten the holidays for many people with our LOVE TREE program.
Gifts are given to people served by Bridge Disability Ministries, Eastside Baby Corner, Imagine Housing (including children, veterans, and seniors), and The Sophia Way. Your generosity shows others the love of Christ.  

Thank you to all for your very generous giving in 2017! We were able to provide over 200 special gifts to individuals and families, from infants to the elderly. 
Contact the church office for more information about the Love Tree program
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Uniforms for MGLSS Students
Each Advent season, we have the opportunity to purchase uniforms for the new Form 1 students at MaaSAE Girls Lutheran Secondary School (MGLSS) in Tanzania.
Fifty outfits are needed; $50 per outfit. 
Each $50 contribution purchases an outfit which includes 2 logo t-shirts, a khaki skirt, a red sweatshirt, a pair of black shoes, 3 pairs of socks, and 3 pairs of underwear. These will be washed weekly and well-cared for to last for 2 years. Then they get the waist adjusted on their skirt (they grow quite a bit during those years!) and 2 new t-shirts. 
The display is in the Narthex each Advent season. When you make your contribution, we invite you to take a "little girl figure" with you. It lets us know how many uniforms have been purchased and gives you a tree ornament as a prayer reminder for these young girls as they begin their educational journey 
Thank you for purchasing 50+ uniforms in 2017!  
For more information, contact Jean Wahlstrom through the church office.
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Volunteer for The Sophia Way

The Sophia Way is an organization in Bellevue that assists women from homelessness to independence.
They have an overnight shelter for 22 women to sleep, a Day Center that is open to drop-ins, job search, casework, and an office.
The Sophia Way is in need of volunteers in the Day Center for sorting the donated clothes and items they receive, and for making sure the women visiting the Day Center have the clothing they need. The Day Center is located at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church (3030 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue.) 
Volunteers working in the Day Center will need to attend an orientation.
If you are interested in volunteering or want more information, please contact Tara, their volunteer coordinator, at The Sophia Way, 425 463-6285.  
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 Imagine Housing
The mission of Imagine Housing, formerly St. Andrew's Housing Group, is to provide affordable housing on the Eastside. They also provide services to assist residents with job skills training, money management training, ESL workshops, parenting support, homework assistance, and summer day-camp acivities.
Their annual spring auction (the next one is March 24, 2018) raises funds for operating expenses and is also an event designed to celebrate the creation of homes and the restoration of hope! 
Community Meals
Imagine Housing provides community meals at several of their properties each month to give residents an opportunity to meet and feel a sense of community with their neighbors. The properties are located in Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah and Sammamish, and provide homes for individuals, families, seniors and veterans in need. If you would be interested in providing part or all of a meal, or in volunteering during the meal, please reach out to Amanda, 425-247-9689 or amandas@imaginehousing.org.   

Substitute Driver for Childcare Items
Imagine Housing partners with Eastside Baby Corner to provide basic needs items to families on Thursday morning each week. A volunteer is needed to deliver these items on a substitute basis (probably once or twice each month.) Drivers pick up childcare essentials from Eastside Baby Corner (1510 NW Maple St, Issaquah) and deliver them to housing communities in Issaquah and Bellevue.
Contact Imagine Housing to learn more about this opportunity.
To learn more about Imagine Housing, visit their website.
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Ongoing Outreach

Corner of Blessing

Each month, we emphasize the collection of one commodity, and our goal is to FILL the Corner of Blessing with that food item.
All donations help feed those in our community who are hungry.

  • January: Cooking (vegetable) Oil (24-32 ounce size)

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  Lutheran World Relief
Saint Andrew's supports the mission and minsitries of Lutheran World Relief.  Learn more at www.lwr.org.
  Personal Care Kit Supplies
Health and Wholeness Ministries collects items for Personal Care Kits, which are distributed world-wide through Lutheran World Relief. You can donate a completed Kit or individual items that Health and Wholeness will use to assemble the Kits. Both complete Kits and individual items can be placed in the basket in the narthex. 
Read more about Personal Care Kits on the Lutheran World Relief website
Each Kit contains:
  • 1 bath towel (52" x 27" maximum size), light-weight, dark color
  • 2 bath-size bars of soap (4-5 ounce), any brand in original wrapping
  • 1 adult-size toothbrush in its original packaging
  • 1 large sturdy comb (no picks)
  • 1 metal nail clippers, large or small, attached file optional
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  Devotional Booklets/Pamphlets
We have the opportunity to share the Gospel with others by donating our used devotional pamphlets to the Seattle Union Gospel Mission who will make the pamphlets available to those who want them. Place your booklets/pamphlets in the Health and Wholenss basket near the elevator in the narthex.
  Sewing Kit Supplies
Dorcas Circle collects items for Sewing Kits, which are distributed world-wide through Lutheran World Relief. Items can be placed in the basket in the narthex.
  • fabric (3 yards or more per piece)
  • thread
  Compass Housing Alliance Supplies
The Dorcas Circle collects bedding and hygiene items for the Compass Housing Alliance. Your donations can be dropped off in the basket in the narthex. Items needed are:
  • adult-sized, new, white crew socks
  • travel-sized soaps
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • lotion
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • razors and shaving cream
  • Q-tips
  • feminine hygiene products
  • new/never used combs
  • new/never used brushes
  • nail files and nail clippers
  • new and gently used towels
  • pillows
  • pillow cases
  • twin sheets (flat or fitted)
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  KnitWits (Knitting as Witnesses)
The KnitWits are a group of volunteers who knit and crochet prayer shawls, chemo caps, baby blankets, baptismal blankets, leg warmers, scarves, etc. They get together one Sunday a month during the Education Hour to share ideas and projects, and support each other's work.
Read more, including a schedule of their next meeting dates.
All are welcome!
  Congregations for the Homeless
Congregations for the Homeless (CFH) helps homeless men journey toward independence and a home of their own. We are collecting donations for CFH in the basket in the Narthex.
They are in need of toiletries (especially toothbrushes and toothpaste), men’s clothing, blankets, towels, and new underwear.
  The Sophia Way
The mission of The Sophia Way is to help homeless women jouney toward independence and a home of their own.  
Clothing and household goods are an ongoing need for this organization.
For more information, visit www.sophiaway.org or contact Cheryl Jurrus through the church office, 425-746-2529.
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  Donations of Cell Phones
If you have a cell phone that you are not using anymore, consider bringing it to Saint Andrew's. Phones are donated to Lifewire, an organization that advocates for and offers support services for victims of domestic violence. 
Donated phones are turned into cash to support programs and services for domestic violence survivors and their families.
Before you donate your cell phone(s), erase any stored information, including your contact list, text messages and listing of incoming/outgoing numbers. Most cell phones use a “master reset” to delete information quickly and easily. Also, verify that your account has been cancelled with your service provider. 
You can drop off your used cell phone(s) at the church office or most local police stations. 
If you would like a donation receipt, include your name and address with the phone.
  Disaster Relief
Please pray for people whose lives have been affected by natural disasters. If you would like to make a monetary contribution through Saint Andrew's to help relief efforts, note "Disaster Relief" in the memo line of your check and place it in the offering plate or bring it to the church office. Funds collected will be divided equally between World Vision and ELCA Disaster Response. 
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