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Small Group Bible Studies

Small group Bible studies are not only one of the best ways to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, they are great ways to connect to others and feel the sense of belonging and care from others. 
For more information about any of these groups, contact Director of Discipleship Ministries Emily Harrow.
Check out these opportunities and join in at any time!

  Early Morning Sunday Bible Study
7:15 am, 322/Conference Room
Facilitators: Jean Wahlstrom and Marvin Kananen
Second Timothy

April 8, April 15, April 22, and April 29

For four weeks in April, Jean and Marvin will wrap up their series on the Pastoral Epistles. Class is at 7:15 am Sunday mornings. Coffee, fruit, and sweets are provided. If you have any questions, contact Jean through the church office. We learn together.
  Tuesdays at 6:30 am in Room 212 (Library)
All Saint Andrew’s Men (SAM) are welcome to join us at 6:30 am every Tuesday morning for study, faith growth, prayer, and conversation. It is a blessing to share this time together in learning and fellowship! 

Coffee, Conversation and Controversy
If Jesus were alive today, would he be a member of the Tea Party?
Killing Jesus” author Bill O’Reilly, depicts Jesus that way, saying he was “inspired to write the book by the Holy Ghost.” 
You bet! – All of which makes the conversation most interesting at the current Saint Andrew’s Men’s Group meetings. 
ALL MEN ARE WELCOME! There’s always room for a few more men to join the 6:30 am Tuesday morning gathering.
Free event and free coffee, too. 
Questions? Contact Dick Swaisgood through the church office.
  Tuesdays at 10:00 am in 322/Conference Room 
Led by Pastor James McEachran
We are studying the Letters of John.
~ Some say, “The Church is irrelevant.”
~ Some ask, “Will the Church have children?”
~ Some believe, “The Church needs to change the message?”
~ Many ask, “What can I believe about God? About Jesus?

These are not new thoughts, concerns, questions. In fact, they were asked in the years following the first 60 years of the Christian Church.  
We are mining the three Letters of John. We are digging for clues about mission in times that are difficult and sometime filled with anxiety, doubt, change. We continue to set the foundation and build a case for mission forward. The future of the Church is in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Beginning March 20...“Jesus is the Way into the Truth that is Life.”
A series on the Letter to the Hebrews. For ten weeks we will be Word-Diggers seeing the connections between the First Covenant and the New Covenant. There are those who say that “the old is in the new concealed and the old is in the new revealed.” How to we understand and learn the ways that God’s promise in God’s story reaches into our lives today in Christ. Begin by reading Hebrews 11. 
Bring your favorite translation and invite a friend to join in the adventure.