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Our Missionaries: Jean & Marv

Follow Jean's and Marvin's journeys through their blog:


Jean Wahlstrom and Marv Kananen return to Africa in Fall 2014 as ELCA Volunteers. They will be assisting nursing students to increase their English and Math skills at the new School of Nursing of the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre. They will teach about 45 students. 

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Jean Wahlstrom and Marv Kananen served at the MaaSae Girls Lutheran Secondary School (MGLSS) for 12 years, ending their ministry there in January 2010. Jean was the school Chaplain and taught Bible Knowledge and Divinity. Marv taught English.
They returned to MGLSS in Spring 2013, serving for three months.
Those are the facts.

The deeper story is that Jean and Marv walked with girls through an amazing journey of spiritual and intellectual growth. The students come from stick, mud, and cow dung huts, with marriage arrangements their fathers made for them when they were little girls (in exchange for a number of cows). Through the generosity of sponsors from the United States through Operation Bootstrap Africa, these girls have an opportunity for "education for liberation" in a Christ-centered envirionment.

Now, the first Maasai woman lawyer in Tanzania, the first Maasai woman pastor, social workers, teachers, health professionals, journalists, and many other young women who have come through MGLSS are making a difference. The impact of just 12 years of the school's existence is beyond what most could have even imagined.

Our Saint Andrew's family is proud to support Jean and Marvin, MGLSS students, and the school in many ways. Join us in supporting this wonderful life-giving ministry.

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